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Saturday Matinee- Vegas Mafia

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kate and Pippa Middleton: "Sizzler Sisters"?

Hello! magazine reported that Pippa and Kate Middleton have earned themselves a enduring nickname from British society commentators: the "Sizzler Sisters."

The pair have gotten the nickname from Tatler because of their quick rise to the top of the heap of British society, earning them what Hello! dubs "social cachet."

The reason for Kate's quick climb up the social ladder is obvious: her ongoing romantic relationship with Prince William, whom she met while the two were studying at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Kate's sister, Pippa, has also developed her own network of upper-crust social contacts. She dated wealthy JJ Jardine Patterson, heir to a Hong Kong banking fortune, for several years. More recently, her rumored romantic partner has been George Percy, heir to the dukedom of Northumberland.

Pippa Middleton works for a party planning company in London, and was photographed by Hello! with Trudie Styler (wife of Sting) at the Royal Parks charity gala last week.

The sizzling nickname is reportedly not the only one the sisters have garnered in the past. The Daily Mail wrote in 2007 (during William and Kate's brief separation period) that the girls were also called "The Wisteria Sisters" by some -- because "they're highly decorative, terribly fragrant and have a ferocious ability to climb."

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif the most popular and beautiful actress of Bollywood is into news and gossips now days. Katrina Kaif is one of the bold actress in the Bollywood industry. Now days the Katrina Kaif is into the scandal news with Salman Khan the most dashing actor of the Bollywood industry. So Katrina Kaif is busy with her darling Salman khan and there are some gossips that may Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan get merry in future. If this is so then we congratulate you in advance miss Katrina Kaif.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aishwarya Rai Pregnant 2011

Is Aishwarya Rai Pregnant? Will Aishwarya Rai have a baby in 2011? This was the question of millions of her fans worldwide when Aishwarya Rai celebrated her 37th birthday in October 2010.

But Now it is been confirmed that the Miss World 1994 and Miss Abheshak Bachan, Aishwarya Rai is pregnant and she will have baby bachan this year 2011. So for Aishwarya Rai fans its been a good news that Aishwarya Rai is pregnant and now she is going to be a complete women after her baby birth.

Jessica Alba Hot Bikini Pictures

Jessica Alba is one of the top famous celebrities of the world. Jessica Alba is also famous for her beauty and attraction most of the people want to see her in different styles and some must want to see the Jessica Alba hot and Jessica Alba bikini pictures. So today we are making this post to show you Jessica Alba hot and bikini pictures. So lets have a look and feed us with your comments about this post.

Ashton Kutcher Pictures

Christopher Ashton Kutcher born February 7, 1978, best known as Ashton Kutcher, is an American actor, producer, former fashion model and comedian, best known for his portrayal of Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom That '70s Show. He also created, produced and hosted Punk'd, and played lead roles in the Hollywood films Dude, Where's My Car?, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, The Guardian, and What Happens in Vegas. He is also the producer and co-creator of the supernatural TV show Room 401 and the reality TV show Beauty and the Geek.
Ashton Kutcher was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Larry Kutcher, a factory worker, and Diane (née Finnegan), a Procter & Gamble employee. He is of part Irish Ancestry on his mother's side. Ashton Kutcher was raised in a Conservative Roman Catholic family, with an older sister, Tausha, and a fraternal twin, Michael, who had a heart transplant when the brothers were young children. Ashton Kutcher attended Washington High School in Cedar Rapids for his freshman year before his family moved to Homestead, Iowa, where he attended Clear Creek Amana High School. In a 2010 interview on Late Night with David Letterman, Ashton Kutcher claimed to be an all-state linebacker who averaged 15 tackles per game in high school. According to a former coach, however, Ashton Kutcher played sparingly as a wide receiver on a team that won only two games in his entire high school football career. Ashton Kutcher also appeared in school plays.

Ashton Kutcher brother suffering from cardiomyopathy caused his home life to become increasingly stressful. He has stated that "I didn't want to come home and find more bad news about my brother" and "kept myself so busy that I didn't allow myself to feel". Ashton Kutcher admitted that during adolescence, he contemplated committing suicide. At thirteen, he attempted to jump from a Cedar Rapids hospital balcony, with his father intervening in the incident. Ashton Kutcher home life worsened as his parents divorced when he was sixteen. During his senior year, he broke into his high school at midnight with his cousin in an attempt to steal money; he was arrested leaving the scene. Ashton Kutcher was convicted of third-degree burglary and sentenced to three years' probation and 180 hours of community service.Ashton Kutcher stated that although the experience "straightened him out", he lost his girlfriend and anticipated college Scholarships, and he was ostracized at school and in his community.

Ashton Kutcher enrolled at the University of Iowa in August 1996, where his planned major was biochemical engineering, motivated by the desire to find a cure for his brother's heart ailment. At college, Ashton Kutcher was kicked out of his apartment for being too "noisy" and "wild". Ashton Kutcher stated, "I thought I knew everything but I didn't have a clue. I was partying, and I woke up many mornings not knowing what I had done the night before. I played way too hard. I am amazed I am not dead." To Earn Money  for his tuition, Ashton Kutcher worked as a college summer hire in the cereal department for the General Mills plant in Cedar Rapids, and sometimes donated blood for money.

During his time at UI he was approached by a scout at a bar called "The Airliner" in Iowa City and was recruited to enter the "Fresh Faces of Iowa" modeling competition. After placing first, he dropped out of college and won a trip to New York City to the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention. Following his stay in New York City, Ashton Kutcher returned to Cedar Rapids before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jessica Alba Pictures

 Jessica Marie Alba born April 28, 1981 is an American television and Film actress. Jessica Alba began her television and movie appearances at age 13 in Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994). Alba rose to prominence as the lead actress in the television series Dark Angel (2000–2002). Jessica Alba later appeared in various films including Honey (2003), Sin City (2005), Fantastic Four (2005), Into The Blue (2005), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Good Luck Chuck both in 2007.

Jessica Alba is considered a sex symbol and often generates media attention for her looks. Jessica Alba appears on the "Hot 100" section of Maxim and was voted number one on's list of "99 Most Desirable Women" in 2006, as well as "Sexiest Woman in the World" by FHM in 2007. The use of her image on the cover of the March 2006 Playboy sparked a Lawsuit by Jessica Alba, which was later dropped. Jessica Alba has also won various awards for her acting, including the Choice Actress Teen Choice Award and Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television, and a Golden Globe nomination for her lead role in the television series Dark Angel.

Lucy Hale Pictures

Karen Lucille Hale born June 14, 1989, better known as Lucy Hale, is an American actress and Singer. Lucy Hale is known for her roles as Becca Sommers in Bionic Woman, Rose Baker in Privileged, Sherrie in the horror film Scream 4 and as Aria Montgomery on the hit ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars.Lucy Hale is also known for her appearance on the reality show American Juniors. Lucy Hale first appeared on the reality show American Juniors in 2003. Lucy Hale was part of the vocal quintet formed with the top 5 finishers. This was followed by guest roles on shows such as Drake & Josh, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, The O.C., and How I Met Your Mother. Lucy Hale appeared in two episodes of the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place. Lucy Hale appeared in "NBC's" short-lived re-imagining of the Bionic Woman as Becca Sommers, younger sister to title character Jaime Sommers (played by Michelle Ryan). In The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, she portrayed Effie, the younger sister of Lena Kaligaris.

Lucy Hale then co-starred in the CW TV Show Privileged as Rose Baker, with Ashley Newbrough and   Joanna Garcia. Lucy Hale also starred in the Lifetime TV movie Sorority Wars. In December 2009, Lucy Hale was cast as Aria Montgomery in the TV series Pretty Little Liars, based on the book series by Sara Shepard. Hale won a 2010 Teen Choice Award ("Choice Summer TV Star: Female") for her portrayal of Aria on the show. In January 2010, Hale guest-starred on the CSI: Miami episode "Show Stopper". In August 2010, Lucy Hale was cast in Scream 4 as Sherrie. As of February 2011 Lucy has been tweeting pictures of her on set of A brand new movie called Another Cinderella Story. As of March 3, 2011 Popstar Magazine announced that they were on set of A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song starring Lucy Hale.

Olivia Wilde Wallpapers

Olivia Wilde born Olivia Jane Cockburn; March 10, 1984 is an American actress and model. Olivia Wilde began acting in the early 2000s, and has since appeared in a number of film and television parts, including roles in the serial-drama The O.C. and The Black DonnellysOlivia Wilde portrays Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley in the TV drama House, and in 2010 starred as Quorra in Tron: Legacy.Wilde was born in New York City on March 10, 1984. Olivia Wilde mother, Leslie Cockburn (née Redlich), is a 60 Minutes producer and journalist. Olivia Wilde father, Andrew Cockburn, who was born in London, England, and raised in Ireland, is a journalist, as are her uncles Alexander Cockburn and Patrick Cockburn (all of whom contribute to the political website Olivia Wilde sister, Chloe Cockburn, is a Civil Rights Attorney in New York; her late aunt, Sarah Caudwell, was a writer, and Olivia Wilde Paternal grandfather, Claud Cockburn, was a novelist/journalist.

Olivia Wilde has said that as a result of her family background, Olivia Wilde has a "strong journalistic streak", being "really critical and analytical". Both Olivia Wilde parents were prominent in the Washington social scene, hosting Dinner Parties. Olivia Wilde mother once recounted a story of a young Wilde eavesdropping one night on a conversation between Richard Holbrooke and Mick Jagger until Jagger noticed her and shooed her to bed. Olivia Wilde has wanted to become an actress since the age of two. For a short time, Olivia Wilde family had a house in Guilford, Vermont. Olivia Wilde attended Georgetown Day School in Washington, D.C., as well as Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, graduating in 2002. Olivia Wilde also attended The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland for a short time.

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Agnes Monica Hairstyles

Hairstyle or Hairstyles represents the symbol of beauty and personal grooming of any person. Then Hairstyles by females or we can say females Hairstyles are the most important prospect of any female to give her best beauty looks. But here under my this post i am not only talking about hairstyles, not even only females hairstyles. Here i am going to talk about a female hairstyle who is not only a female but also a great celebrity in the wold.

The Indonesian Agnes Monica is the celebrity today. Agnes Monica is a celebrity who not only rules the world with her nice voice only but also attracts her fans and viewers and also inspires them with her great knowledge about fashion and trends. As under my this post you can see so many pictures of Agnes Monica which are specifically focused on Agnes Monica Hairstyles. By looking on these pictures you can see and judge that Agnes Monica always carry different kind of hairstyle she not only carry the difference from others but she has the best knowledge that what suites her and whats not. By looking on these pictures you will must say about Agnes Monica Hairstyles that they are just attractive, unique, and amazing. Love you Agnes Monica we like your styles and cuts please keep it up.

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