Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adriana Lima for Armani “White” Photoshoot

Adriana Lima posed for Armani “White” photoshoot. I don't know when this photoshoot taken, She did look so young in this. Anyway, Enjoy young Adriana mocha skin and gorgeous body!

Kim Kardashian Cosmopiltan Magazine UK

Kim Kardashian heats up the cover of Cosmopolitan UK May 2011 issue flaunting her sexy curvy look. What does she have to share for the magazine? The reality TV star talks about her eating habits, the size of her clothes, her sisters’ looks, but also about her cellulite and the fact that she feels comfortable with her body.

Jessica-Jane Clement in hot lingerie Nuts Magazine

Jessica Jane Clement Shows Breasts for Nuts Magazine April 1, 2011. Don’t know who Jessica Jane Clement is? Don’t worry, all you need to know is that she’s showing off her breast implants in the latest issue of Nuts Magazine. And she’s extremely hot!

Irina Shayk for Luli Fama swimwear 2011 Collection

Irina Shayk looks absolutely fabulous wearing a number of Luli Fama 2011 swimsuits. Some pieces look pretty ordinary but there are ones that are cute or chic, or incredibly sexy. You can choose the one you like most for your girl, and Enjoy!

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